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What are Cereals?

Cereals are types of grains which can be eaten or made in to flour. They are again divided in to Rice, Wheat, Whole grains and Millets.



Most of the south indian delicacies are made from rice.Rich in simple cabohydrates which is more danger not stable for diabetics, obesity persons and so on. High in Glycemic index.Rice again divided in to Breakfast Rice and Lunch Rice.Breakfast rice is used in the preparation of breakfast cuisine like idli,dosai and another variety of breakfast rice for pongal. Lunch rice is used in the preparation of lunch varities like varitety rices and meal for side dishes like rasam.

As high in Gluten Gluten sensivity and celiac disease persons should avoid wheat.



Whole Grains

Available without polishing and not anyparts are degraded. They are also known as Major Millets and Naked Grains as they are directed towards home pantry after harvesting from paddy fields. Corn, White,Red and Yellow Jowar, Bajra and Raagi(Finger Millet), Kambu (Bajra), Cholam (Yellow, Red and White varieties) and Corn( Maize) are whole Grains.Abundant in B Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Phytochemicals and Healthy Fats.


They are also known as Minor Millets and Husked Grains. Like White rice most of the Nutrients are removed while polishing (Milling).Germ and Fibre are degraded.Kodo Millet, Horsetail Millet, Little Millet and Proso Millet are some examples.

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