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About Us

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After the severity of this massive global pandemic, the search and demand for immunity and Nutrition among people is increasing, for reconstructing their immunity by cooking healthy food and eating. However, the answer to their question has not yet been found. The food challenge remains a vacuum space.

Nature's biggest mistake is it dispersed maximum nutrition in a variety of food stuffs instead of placing in a single food stuff. But the same nature has provided a lot of healthy staple foods in a golden plate with a problematic issue of lack in cooking skills.


We have decided to fill that void(Vacant Space) with our intellectual efforts. After nine years understanding the deeproot of nutritious food cooking space we have done a research and made ourselves as an expertise in that space. Some studies suggest that we can tune into our genes with the right diet. Properdiett will safeguard. After nine years of Research and Expertise we are here in this platform to provide such wonderful unique cooking skills in Nutritious Food Space. We are trying to take this intellectual nutritional food preparation strategy not only to a few specific people but also to the mass population.

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Itemized Information

Expectant mothers should remember that a healthy body and lifestyle is the greatest asset you can give to your baby. 

The most nutritious food a woman eats during pregnancy can still reach her grandchildren fifty years later.

Four out of five people were craving for an healthy diet. 

Properdiett is a form of wisdom that involves the ability to apply knowledge intelligently in a practical manner. This wisdom is gained through day-to-day experiences. In addition to wisdom, ProperDiett is a remarkable achievement and expertise in the realm of cooking nutritious food. Public who visited our place were very surprised to see the wonderful collection and delicious dishes as we have showcased the various staples which is harvested from farmland/field and dishes prepared from those staples.

  • ProperDiett is something that everyone can master.

  • Diet is more important than yoga, meditation and exercise.

  • We not only focus on child food but also adults and geriatrics food preparation.

  • Complete plant based diet under properdiett's surveillance.

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