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Segment Identification

What exactly is segment identification?

We're familiar with various segments like the Car/Truck segment for four-wheelers, and the Bike/Scooter segment for two-wheelers. Similarly, there are segments for coffee, spices, and more, each defined by factors like market size or category. However, there's a segment that often goes unnoticed—the cooking segment of a country or the staple storage space in our homes, often referred to simply as the kitchen storeroom, or nowadays, the pantry. Both households and even railways have pantries. As food business planners, we've recognized the need to identify both the segment and the space for cooking and storing together. Surprisingly, globally, there hasn't been much focus on brands identifying both the segment and the space for preparing nutritious meals. This presents an opportunity for investors to meet the taste preferences of a country's population. Not only do we need to identify pantry space in homes, but also in other establishments like restaurants, cafeterias, hostels, and even wheeled vehicles running on tracks.

Food Spread
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