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List of Worldwide Diets

A Diet is nothing but a specific Intake of Nutrition through food and drinks. It's a daily allowance of food. A day to Day healthy diet is most essential. Here the list of diets followed worldwide.

Intermittent Diet

Switching between fasting and eating.


Mediterranean diet

High Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables with low Consumption of Protein and Carbohydrates.

Low Carbohydrate Diet

Restricted Carbohydrate.


Ketogenic Diet

Fat Diet which restricts the intake of carbohydrate.

Gluten Free Diet

Excludes a harmful protein like Gluten, Gliadin and Wheat Germ Agglutinin.


Blood Type Diet

A diet for person's internal chemistry.


Veganism Diet

Excludes all animal food sources to exploit animal cruelty.

High Protein Diet

Protein plenty diet.


Dash Diet

Diet which stops or prevent hypertension.


Alkaline Diet

Diet according to PH value


Low Fat Diet

A plan to reduce fat intake.


VegeTerian Diet

Plant Based Diet

Lion Diet

Salt, Water and Ruminant Meat


Inuit Diet

The Inuit diet consists  animal-rich diet,  like marine and terrestrial mammals (e.g., seal and caribou), as well as wild birds and fish. Meat and fish can be consumed raw, frozen, cooked.

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