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Traditional Rices.

Rice is one of the staple food of India with easy digestible values.But most of the varieties are polished and maximum nutrition is destroyed. Now lets see some of the Traditional Rices and how to cook with them.


But how to overcome the disadvantages of Arsenic a heavy metal in Traditional Rices?

Have you ever thought how to get rid of this arsenic poisoning from Traditional Rices.Actually i noticed many people use to wash the Traditional Rices with water 2-3 times and soak it for eight hours and cook with the same soaked water believing that soaked water is rich in nutrients.But the fact is soaked water is rich in Arsenic.Soak rice in water in the proportion of 1:5 for whole night and morning disacard that soaked water.cook soaked rice in water for 3 -5 minutes.discard that water also.Then cook the rice to enjoy complete benefits.

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