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Vision 2030


The nutritious food cooking space in India remains a hot topic because even after today's global pandemic, many people are aware of nutrition and immunity but their questions are still not answered. So we plan to take this strategy not only allover India but to other countries in collaboration with various food brands and software companies to answer the nutritional food search of most of the Indians. We have decided to achieve our target with in 2030.

In collaboration with Various Food Brands, Software Companies, Online Educationalist, Farmers and Online Shopping Traders. As this space is entirely empty in India a brand focusing this space can completely occupy that space. Even though this is an unregulated Industry / Strategy / project this is more about day to day Nutrition for a healthy food style in which people need it in a regulated Norms and Standards. There is a vast market. Brands and Companies that pay attention can make a huge revenue.

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