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Health tips


Avoid plastic as much as possible.

Avoid fumes as much as possible.


Betel leaves and holy basil may interfere with a lot of medications. Not only these but all natural herbs.


Wash and sundry minor food products like jeera, pepper,mustard,saunf,cardamom, almonds, dates, dry graphs, pistachios, etc before using as they may be treated with harmful products after harvesting.


Wash root vegetables like carrot, sweet potato 2-3 times as they contains not only harmful pesticides but also metallic toxins.use heavy brush while washing to remove pesticides. Wash vegetables and fruits in vinegar water,tamarind extract water or sea salt water to get rid of pesticides. Wash in flowing water that is water which flows in pipe inside sink to get rid of pesticides.

Daily intake of Amla(Vitamin C) and Sulfur compounds like raw Shallots, Garlic and onions will safeguard from diseases.

Avoid food products rich in curcumin and vitamin c while chemotherapy and radiation therapy as they may interfere.

Try to differentiate between health benefits of whole grains, millets, White rice and wheat as they don't possess same health qualities.

Men should limit fried foods, beetroot and dairy products as it cause boobs in men.

Asthma patients should completely avoid wheat and fish.


Heme iron which gives a red colour for red meat like goat,camel, pork, rabbit, kangaroo, beef is oxidised when cooked at high temperature. When oxidised it is converted in to N-Nitroso compounds which is highly a carcinogenic.Poultry legs like drumstick and lollypop are dark meat which contains heme iron.only wings and breasts of poultry are white meat.


Replace 1/2 portion of oil with water while sauting ingredients either onions or tomatoes to reduce the refined oil consumption.


Cocoa powder plays a significant role in hair health. For a high density, volume and rich texture use cocoa powder with a high density oil or butter. Give a pre massage and wash with mild shampoo


Start and End your day with Probiotics. In India available source for probiotics is Curd(Yoghurt)

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