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A Message from Mahesh Sivashanmugam: Who Can Invest in this Groundbreaking Nutrition Project?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, nutrition has emerged as a paramount concern for many. As India gallops towards an era defined by digitalization and modernization, I, Mahesh Sivashanmugam, extend an invitation to various stakeholders to collaborate and invest in a pioneering nutrition project - 'Proper Diett'. Businesses engaging in or investing in this sector have the potential to establish themselves as a significant force in the global nutritional food preparation industry, extending their influence beyond the Asian continent. Here's a glimpse into who can partake in this ambitious venture.

1. Centralised Kitchen Proprietors: The Metropolis' Unsung Heroes

Centralised kitchen proprietors play a pivotal role in optimizing the food distribution network across bustling urban landscapes. They serve a gamut of meals throughout the day, catering to a diverse clientele that includes corporate behemoths, tech establishments, healthcare centers, wedding celebrations, and beyond. As India's metropolitan tapestry grows ever denser, these kitchens stand on the brink of a unique opportunity. Partnering with 'Proper Diett' empowers them to elevate their meal offerings, fusing traditional culinary practices with a touch of unparalleled nutrition.

It's essential to underscore that this isn't about manufacturing or setting up a production line. There's no machinery involved, nor do we incur production costs. At its core, 'Proper Diett' is a service-centric initiative where we channel our culinary expertise to the wider public for a reasonable fee. Consequently, the primary investments revolve around promoting this venture, primarily through avenues like social media and digital marketing, ensuring minimal capital outlay.

2. Bank Sectors: Beyond Monetary Endeavors

Banks are the backbone of India's economy, safeguarding it through diverse financial services. Beyond their conventional lending practices, banks have the potential to diversify their investments. With India's burgeoning population of 130 crore, investing in this nutritional initiative promises not only societal good but also significant returns.

3. Gastronomy Tourism: India’s Next Big Thing

Gastronomy Tourism combines the love of travel with the passion for healthy, delightful food. While medical tourism has its merits, gastronomy tourism stands out as a fresh avenue. With the global population grappling with lifestyle diseases like obesity, heart conditions, and GI tract cancers, there's a burgeoning demand for health-centric travel. India, with its rich topography, can offer therapeutic stays near riveting river views, serene hill stations, and mesmerizing beachfronts. Conglomerates can further amplify this experience by integrating nutritious diets packed with nutraceuticals.

4. Entrepreneurs: The Torchbearers of Tomorrow

The entrepreneurial spirit is burning bright in many of India's youth. Upon establishing 'Proper Diett', we are open to franchising, enabling young visionaries to carry forward this noble mission.

5. Online Educationalists: Bridging Nutrition and Learning

With a robust network of students across the nation, online educationalists are in a unique position. A collaboration with 'Proper Diett' can help in disseminating the essence of nutrition, intertwined with academic curriculums. Companies such as Yanka Industries Inc, who are in to both online education and food preparation, are a perfect example of who can parter with us.

6. Online Traders:

Online trading platforms have a vast outreach. By collaborating with 'Proper Diett', these platforms can offer nutritious meal kits, ingredients, and recipe subscriptions to a wide audience.

7. MNCs:

Multinational corporations, with their extensive influence, can promote a healthy lifestyle among employees. By integrating 'Proper Diett' into their canteens or cafeterias, they can provide nutritious meals and subsequently increase workforce productivity.

8. Conglomerates:

These large entities have resources and networks to redefine market trends. By endorsing or partnering with 'Proper Diett', they can usher in a wave of nutrition-conscious decisions among the masses.

9. Software Companies:

In the era of digital transformation, software companies have the potential to design applications, platforms, or tools that promote 'Proper Diett' and its offerings, reaching a tech-savvy audience swiftly. The paradigm of day-to-day nutrition is rapidly evolving. India, with its vast demography, stands at the cusp of a nutritional revolution. By merging ideology with strategy, we can ensure that every plate serves not just food but a promise of better health. Join hands with 'Proper Diett' and be a part of this transformative journey.

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