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1)Seaweed Consumers should be aware about the contamination in seawater.


2) Fruit consumers should immerse fruits in hot water and wash again to get rid of any harmful coatings.


3) Aflatoxin Awareness-They are nothing but poisonous carcinogenic factors that are produced in crops by certain molds especially fungus. Almost all crops from agriculture fields contains this aflatoxin. High Dairy consumers should be aware about Aflatoxin as cattle feed may be rich in let us check how to get rid of this harmful mutagens which cause liver cancer.

a)Chlorophyll removes maximum aflatoxin exposure. Cilantro and Mint are rich in chlorophyll. All green coloured vegetables and fruits contain a significant amount of chlorophyll. Raw Cilantro and Mint chutneys with breakfast and dinner removes maximum Aflatoxin after exposure.

b)Probiotics binds this aflatoxin inside digestive track. Yoghurt(Home made curd) is a best source of probiotics.

c)Exposure to uv radiations in sun-so only housewives use to dehydrate food grains regularly under sunrays atleast for 40 hours once in six months.

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4) Free radicals, metal poisoning, arsenic, herbicides, high histamine, Accumulation of oxalate and aflatoxin are the main culprits in disease promoting factors.


5) Plenty of fluids and high fibre diet removes most of the toxin which are side effects of medications, Contamination and Adulteration.


6) Chew Fruits and Vegetables as much as possible. Nitrate in fruits and vegetables will take some time to reduce in to nitrite by oral bacteria and stomach acid will reduce nitrite to Nitric oxide role which plays a vital role in expanding blood vessels which treats erectile dysfunction. Apart from this it is more significant for vasodilation. So, immunity factors may reach the infected site inside human body as soon as possible. In case of fruit juices just don't sip instead hold it inside mouth for sometime.


7) Ab exercise and Aerobics may be beneficial than walking as many vital organs are located inside abdomen. While ab exercise should be careful as it may lead to muscle tear.

Man Doing Floor Exercises

8) Vegetable and Fruit sources do not contain Vitamin A directly instead it has Provitamin A like Betacarotene. Human liver would synthesise Vitamin A from Betacarotene. But some liver conditions like Hepatomegaly and Liver chirosis may restrain this synthesise. Beef liver and goat liver are the direct sources of Vitamin A but bad for liver problems.may worsen the liver problems.

Fruits and Vegetables

9) Whole grains need less water, less fertiliser and less insecticide for harvesting than rice.

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