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Know About Antioxidants

Know about your queries

Antioxidants are Nutrients which save your cells from Free Radicals. Many of us are unaware about Free Radicals and how it makes oxidative stress, Antioxidants plays an important key role in many fatal diseases. Every one should aware about Antioxidants and it's significance. Specific Antioxidants plays an important key role in preventing particular diseases. Whatever may the health problems antioxidants comes first to Rescue.

1) Which Antioxidants plays a keyrole in preventing Aging or leads to an healthy Aging?

Most of us fear in aging process as aging may prone to cell death,diseases, mental decline, physical decline, become a burden for family,should dependent on others for day to day activities. Vitamin c is more significant in collagen production.Cartenoids addup a special protecting capacity in preventing aging process.Availability of Vitamin C-Amla & Citrus Fruits.Catenoids-Vegetables like carrot,green leafy vegetables and most of the whole grains.


2) Which Antioxidant Prevents Brain Inflammations?

Brain is one of the most significant organ for living creatures. Brain disease slowly destroys brain cells. Vitamin E and C Protects Brain Inflammations.Antioxidants which are active in Brain Tissues prevents oxidative damage. Dietary Antioxidants enhance growth restrictions of Brain Lesions. Availability of Vitamin E-wheat germ oil and nuts like almonds.

3) Which Antioxidant Prevents and Moisturise skin?

Skin holds body will harmful pathogens in bay. Each and every one care for skin glow.An healthy skin indicates an healthy life. Vitamin E, Vitamin C and polyphenols. Availability of polyphenols, herbs and spices, nuts and vegetables.


4) Which Antioxidants ensure Brain Developement?

The first 8 years in childhood will support future learning, health and huge success in life. Flavonoids are present in brain after 10 minutes of consumption of food. It is more significant for learning and memory. Availability of Flavonoids-berry, red cabbage, tea, coffee and dark chocolate.

5)Which antioxidant supports blood cell developemet?

White blood cells, red blood cells and platelets together constitutes bloood cells. Red blood cells carries oxygen from lungs to other parts of the body.white blood cells helps body to fight against diseases and infections.platelets helps in prevent bleeding. Copper and iron helps in aiding these blood cells.Availability of copper and iron-whole grains,leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains.


What are Free Radicals?

They are oxyfen containing molecules (ROS and RNS).They are provided with uneven number of electrons. These uneven numbers provide them to react with other molecules which results in fatal diseases. This reaction is called as oxidative sress.

How free Radicals gathered/formed inside our body?

Body Metobilites like Digestion(After an authentic meal digestion process can cause free radicals), High Glycemic food like white rice, white sugar, Red Meat like Goat, Beef, Rabbit, Camel, Pork, Kangaroo and Red Meat like Thigh and Legs of Birds, Cooking Oils, Alcohols, Stress, Depression, Fumes, Camphor, Incense Sticks, Second hand smoking and hundreds of factors cause Free radicals and Oxidative Stress.

What Kills Free Radicla inside Our Body?

Antioxidants by sharing one of its Electrons.

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