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1) Will consumption of Breakfast spike postprandial serum glucose?

After breakfast the serum glucose level depends on how much calories have burnt. Actually rice will be digested and it's carbohydrate is breakdown in to glucose with in one hour to one and half an hour but in the case of grains it will take from two hours to four hours within that time a person should burn a specified calorie to get rid of cholesterol, obesity and diabetes.

2) But no one aware about whole grains cooking, culinary and


We are here to do that service as a service provider. As rice spikeup glucose level & wheat high in gluten a protein more Indians are willing to change their diet options nowadays. we are here to fill that space with our Intellectual Ideas.


3)Can you explain Gluten in detail?

Gluten is an harmful which is made up of two types of harmful proteins Gliadin and Glutenin. It effects the person with 'Celiac Disease & Gluten Senility Persons. Globally nearly ten percentage of population have this negative effects. 

4) Is it only ten percentage of people have negative effects with Gluten Consumption?

Both Gluten and Non Vegeterian always been a controversy. Is there any health benefits yes a lot.Is there any side effects yes more.


5) Whats that dark meat?

Thighs and legs of birds are referred as dark meat as it contains highest concentration of heme iron. Heme iron may interfere in heart function and lungs macropages. Cooking meat in highest temperature will lead to release N-Nitroso Compounds like Amines which is a carcinogenic and linked with many of the cancers.

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