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Certain Plants, Herbs and Mushrooms are considered as Adaptogens due to its unique and specific health benefits like cleansing Lymph nodes and Lymphatic System, Maintaing Serotinin level, helps body to adjust stress, Reduce stress, Fatigue, Anxiety and overall well being.


Health Benefits-Prevents Cancer, Heart Diseases, Enhance Brain Functions, Treats Erectile Dysfunction.



Health Benefits-Healthy Vision, Fetal Growth in pregnant women.



Health Benefits-Prevents Alzheimer's Disease and Cancer.


Certain Mushrooms

Health Benefits-Increase Body's reisitance to Biological Stress.


Holy Basil

Health Benefits-Protect against infections and Ease Inflammations


Liquorice Root

Health Benefits-They contains more flavonoids and and plant compounds.

Reduce Body fat.



Relieves stress.Increase Muscle strength.



Health Benefits.-Boost Body's immune system. huge Antibiotic properties. But Adoptogens should be consumes in mimimum quantity on regular basis.


One thing we need to understand deeply is that every human body is different and everyone has different health problems.
Diet that suits for one person may not suit for another

Everyone should be very careful when it comes to food.
When changing to a new diet, first take a small amount and test it to see if there are any side effects.

After checking that any side effects are unseen, take the required amount after taking it for a few days

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